The Den Rankings

  • #1 Naperville Renegades American

    Primetime Inwood Anniversary Champions

    Primetime Easter Classic Champions

  • #2 Hitters Navy

    Primetime Battle for the Rings Champions

  • #3 Cangelosi Sparks North Black

    Gameday Pre Season Kentucky Champions

  • #4 Top Tier Americans

    Primetime Inwood Anniversary 2nd Place

  • #5 Top Tier Biondich

    2nd in Primetime Easter Classic

  • #6 Lake County Lightning Vortherms

    2nd in Primetime Battle for the Rings

  • #7 Chicago Elite Blue

    Top 4 in Primetime Easter Classic

  • #8 Chicago Elite Black

    Primetime Inwood Anniversary Top 4 Finish

  • #9 Lake County Lightning Plucinski

    2nd in Gameday Pre Season Kentucky

  • #10 White Sox Ace

    Top 4 in Primetime Battle for the Rings